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Cyber Tower

Timed Vertical Obstacle Towers

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What are Cyber Towers

Cyber Towers are two side by side timed vertical obstacle towers.
The towers are independant of each other but players can race together in the separate towers. With TAG Active technology players split times and total completion times of the towers are recorded. With the best daily and all time ever scores displayed on the large scoreboard screen(s).
Hover over or press the '+' icons on the image below to find out more detils on the Cyber Tower features.
TAG active Cyber Tower

Player Screens

TV Screen guiding players through the game and also displaying their personal score history along with top scores. When a player starts their game this TV converts to a timer display.

Padded Steel Structure

Fully padded steel frame. Colour options available.

Printed Theming

Digitally printed theming panels to sides and back of towers. Custom theming available.

Deep Base Pads

Dual density deep foam foorpads to protect descending players.

Start Transponder

Start transponder for player registration and game start.

End Transponder

End transponder for the tower. Once tagged final times appear on main scoreboard.

Large Scoreboard

Large TV scoreboard fixed to the front of the structure displaying 

- All time Best Time

- Todays Best Times

- Scrolling range of latest times

Clear Ball Obstacles

Each tower has a layer of clear inflatable balls that players must also pass through on the way up and down.

LED Feature Lighting

Encapsulated feature LED lighting to highlight the towers. Available in a variety of colours.

Elasticated Strap Levels

The multi layered pocket woven elasticated straps are fixed accross the tower in varying locations to provide a fluid climb obstacle.

Middle Transponder

The middle transponder that players much reach after starting. This also provides the split time for reaching the top of the tower.

Cyber Tower Technology Options

  • WITH 'Standard' TECHNOLOGY
    Frame, Padding, Obstacle Levels, Artwork and Lighting =
    No registration required / available -
    No Player Identification -
    No Player History -
    Start | Mid | End Push Buttons -
    Mid Split and Total Run Times -
    1 TV per tower displaying timer -
    No Leaderboard / Scoreboard -
    No time recording -
    No time recording -
    No Analytic data -
    = Frame, Padding, Obstacle Levels, Artwork and Lighting.
    - Player recognition via RFID wristband*.
    - Player Identification through RFID wristband.
    - Player History & tower history displayed.
    - Start | Mid | End Touch Transponders.
    - Mid Split and Total Run Times.
    - 1 TV per tower with player time history & game guidance.
    - Large TV with multilayered leaderboard.
    - Player time and attempts history printout**.
    - Multiplayer time leaderboard printout facility**.
    - Tower use analytics (volumes, gender, ages, scores +more)**.

    *from site entry admin or via optional kiosk.
    **Additional PC & Printer required (available Sept 2018).

Technical Specifications

Cyber Tower Plan by TAGactive
  • Resources
    To assist space layouts for Cyber Tower, 2D CAD Layout files and promotional media are available upon request.

  • Basic Site Requirements

    A flat floor surafce is required.
    - We must be able to fix into the floor to a depth of 150mm.
    - A clear height of min 300mm above the height of the Cyber Tower.
    - Tower weight and point loading values available on request.

  • Power

    - 4 x 13amp 240v power sockets - These provide power for all elements of the Cyber Towers including computational elements, televisions screens and lighting tubes.